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MultiBranch Pipeline scanning and triggering issues


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      We are encountering multiple seemingly unrelated issues with the MultiBranch pipeline, which we are struggling to diagnose.

      The issues include:

      • 1 - NPE during branch indexing
      • 2 - failure to trigger builds on branches when notified by webhook
      • 3 - build failures due to 'cannot determine tip of revision...'


      We are building the jobs using the job DSL.

      At the first instance, we would love to give you more information, but there are no stacktraces being recorded in any of our jenkins log files.

      An example of (1) is:


      {{ Checking branch master }}

      ERROR: [Fri Mar 02 18:03:03 GMT 2018] Could not fetch branches from source owner-mobile:repo-ci-hook-listener:branch-master:script-Jenkinsfile java.lang.NullPointerException [Fri Mar 02 18:03:03 GMT 2018] Finished branch indexing. Indexing took 1.1 sec FATAL: Failed to recompute children of ci » api » ci-hook-listener java.lang.NullPointerException Finished: FAILURE


      In the first instance we would appreciate some help enabling stacktraces so we can supply more information.

      This is using: Pipeline: Multibranch 2.16

      Thank you.




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