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HPE Loadrunner Plugin wont accept parameters for particular settings


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      I create a job within Jenkins with parameters,

      I Add a choice parameter (ScenarioDuration) with a selection of integers (minutes or seconds of scenario run time) and set the default to 5 minutes or 300 seconds.

      I use the 'Execute HPE tests from file system' build step.

      I enter  '${ScenarioDuration}' in the 'Timeout' field (or the 'Scenario Execution Timeout' field in LoadRunner Settings)


      I receive the error message 'Timeout name must be a number' (or 'Per Scenario Timeout must be a number') and the value is not evaluated or replaced at job run time.

      This is the same issue as JENKINS-48652 but in the Run from File System rather than Performance Centre build step.



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