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Long-running job times out, but we have no timeout configured


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      We use a Jenkins parameterized pipeline job to build new VMs via Terraform and then configure them with an Ansible playbook via Ansible Tower.  The playbook takes a long time to complete (40-45 minutes), and Jenkins appears to be timing out before it finishes:

      Error: Monitoring aborted due to timeout.

      The issue doesn't appear to be with the Ansible Tower job; it continues running for a few more minutes until it completes successfully.

      We do not have the build-timeout plugin configured, and I haven't been able to find any other global timeout setting in the Jenkins configuration.  It's worth noting that the step of the playbook that it's timing out on is a "yum update" that reports no output for a long time, so perhaps Jenkins assumes the task has failed when it doesn't get any output for several minutes?  Is there a way to disable this behavior?  Thanks!!!



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