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Input approval not always updating UI


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      I'm working on a jenkinsfile which triggers several inputs, however I am having an issue where the 'proceed' button of an input is very unreliable.
      When I click the 'proceed' button and open the Chrome Developer Tools I can see that a network call is made to save my decision, but after this network call finishes most of the time nothing else happens. The UI still shows me the same 'proceed' button and if I click it again I get an error like this:

      Error processing Input Submit request. This Run instance does not have an Input with an id of '[My Input Id here]'.

      The weird thing is that after I click the 'proceed' button the second time and get the error above, after some time is does sometimes update the UI.
      I'm not really sure when it does and doesn't update anymore but it definitely does not work as expected.
      Note: I recently updated Jenkins & all Jenkins plugins but this exact issue occurred both before and after the update.



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