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Improve tests to avoid race condition for updates during startup


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      During shUnit2 tests, it can happen that there will be 3 or 4 Git commits related to the updates that happened.

      This is due to a race condition: when docker-compose starts everything, if the instance starts quickly enough to hit the backend before it received the curl call for pushing the ingest.json then there will be two updates:

      • one from UL0 to UL1, with UL1 an actually first default and empty UL served by the backed
      • one from UL1 to UL2, once the ingest.json with actual plugins and so on has been received.

      If the ingest.json is pushed before the instance first requests the backend, then the bump will be directly from UL0 to UL2.

      We need to work out a solution that avoids this source of test flakiness, or we will suffer from it for sure in the upcoming weeks.


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