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slicer label updates all configs, not only changed ones


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      We have >55 unique labels and > 5000 jobs.

      Using configurationslicing Tied Label Slicer option, moved jobs from 3 labels (~10 jobs) to a new label category, click Save.

      The spinner goes forever before eventually timing out.

      We can see the timestamps of every single Jenkins job being updated.

      There is evidence in the logs it appears to be logging:
      INFO: Submitted to metadata-queue: hudson.model.FreeStyleProject@48ba120b
      for every single job.

      It's been running for 3+ hrs and it's 1/2 way done. Label slicer - AND every other slicer should ONLY update affected jobs.

      It appears perhaps under JENKINS-10431, some slicers were corrected. ALL slicers with global update pattern must be fixed and this behaviour eliminated.


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