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Micro Focus Application Automation Tools - file descriptor leak


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      At some point in time, with the increase in the number of builds on Jenkins, we faced a  "Too many open files" exception in Jenkins log.
      Analysis of lsof command output (lsof-jenkins.zip) showed that there are a lot of open files in some projects (Freestyle or Maven type)  created at build completion on Jenkins master with name:


      I found file with non zero size with the folowing content:

      $  cat GetJUnitTestResults1715785790472604747.tmp
      ▒▒ ♣sr Gcom.hpe.application.automation.tools.octane.tests.junit.JUnitTestResult▒▒▒▒▒▒▒  JdurationJ startedL     classNamet Ljava/lang/String;L ◄externalReportUrlq ~ L
      moduleNameq ~ L packageNameq ~ L ♠resultt JLcom/hpe/application/automation/tools/octane/tests/junit/TestResultStatus;L  testErrort CLcom/hpe/application/automation/tools/octane/tests/junit/TestErrorTestTryOrFailptp◄storage-test-coret  ~r Hcom.hpe.application.automation.tools.octane.tests.junit.TestResultStatus          xr java.lang.Enum          xpt ♠PASSEDsr Acom.hpe.application.automation.toTestTryOrFailpq~~x♠qi~.qe~tqr~ot▒♣test1sqL~rrorMsgq ♠ Le▒":{t   errorTypeq ~ L
      TestTryOrFailpq~~t♠qt~sq2~q ~         $  e▒":{t

      So I decided that hp-application-automation-tools-plugin leaves files opened after build finish.

      The graph shows number of opened files by jenkins process. The red line is when plugin turned off




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