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Failed to create SAST scan: com.cx.restclient.exception.CxHTTPClientException


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Open (View Workflow)
    • Priority: Minor
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Component/s: checkmarx-plugin
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    • Environment:
      Jenkins Version: 2.121.1
      Checkmarx Plugin Version: 8.80.0
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      Upon upgrading checkmarx version to 8.80.0 we started seeing the following errors in our pipelines. 


      [Cx-Info]: Zipping (1 MB): yarn.lock
      [Cx-Info]: Zipping complete with 1152 files, total compressed size: 2 MB
      [Cx-Info]: Temporary file with zipped sources was created at: '/tmp/zippedSource8037560731039271655.bin'
      [Cx-Info]: Temporary file deleted
      [Cx-Info]: Uploading zip file
      [Cx-Info]: Sending SAST scan request
      [Cx-Error]: ********************************************
      [Cx-Error]:  The Build Failed for the Following Reasons:
      [Cx-Error]: ********************************************
      [Cx-Error]: Failed to create SAST scan: com.cx.restclient.exception.CxHTTPClientException: Failed to create new SAST Scan: 
       "message": "The request is invalid.",
       "scan": [
       "Unable to translate bytes [BB] at index 94 from specified code page to Unicode."
      [Cx-Info]: Copying file [Report_CxSAST.html] to workspace [/home/jenkins/workspace/spi_pipeline_STAR-5682-C7UGEG54XBBUB6KYOH4U2N2GK7FUG6IMMDMZOOPU4FL4J5IG6ZWQ/Checkmarx/Reports/Report_CxSAST.html]

      Downgrading the plugin back to 8.70.0 resolves the issue. 


      Our pipeline block looks like this (scrubbed)

      checkmarx: {
                      step([$class: 'CxScanBuilder',
                          avoidDuplicateProjectScans: true,
                          comment: "${currentBuild.fullDisplayName} Pipeline Scan",
                          exclusionsSetting: 'global',
                          failBuildOnNewResults: true,
                          failBuildOnNewSeverity: 'HIGH',
                          generatePdfReport: true,
                          groupId: 'foo',
                          highThreshold: 0,
                          incremental: true,
                          mediumThreshold: 0,
                          password: 'foo',
                          preset: '36',
                          projectName: 'foo',
                          serverUrl: 'foo',
                          sourceEncoding: '1',
                          username: 'foo',
                          vulnerabilityThresholdEnabled: true,
                          vulnerabilityThresholdResult: 'UNSTABLE',
                          waitForResultsEnabled: true])



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