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Display class and plugin for workflow steps


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      Jenkins ver. 2.138.2, org.jenkins-ci.plugins.workflow:workflow-cps:2.60
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      The "/pipeline-syntax/ ("Pipeline Syntax Snippet Generator") view exposed by workflow-cps-plugin, and the related "/pipeline-syntax/html" ("Steps Reference") don't expose any information about where a step comes from - the plugin, class, etc.

      This makes it awfully hard to track things down when trying to debug an issue.

      It'd be a big improvement if steps were annotated  in the help with their implementing class in both places. So in the snippet generator when you choose a "Sample Step" it loads the step descriptor and shows:

      • Step description if any
      • Implementing class
      • "Friendly name" of plugin containing implementing class and its actual plugin-id too, with a link to the plugins wiki

      I've spent way too long trying to find a step's implementation in a sub-sub-sub plugin of a plugin, which has two different display names, a different internal plugin name, and a different-again git repo name.

      For the bigger picture of "how do I identify where X came from in Jenkins" see JENKINS-26565.

      See also JENKINS-54442 for the related issue with globals.


      For Google: this issue is about workflow-cps-plugin a.k.a workflow-cps a.k.a. "Pipeline: Groovy" a.k.a "Pipeline Groovy Plugin", i.e. the "/pipeline-syntax/" page, the "Pipeline Syntax: Snippet Generator".




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