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Downstream job not displaying in logs after upstream job is promoted


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      When a downstream job is triggered from an upstream promotion via the `Promote builds when... -> Actions -> Trigger parameterized build on other projects`, the name of the triggered downstream job is not displayed in the logs or UI. This makes it hard for users to find the triggered job.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Install `promoted-builds` and `parameterized-trigger` plugins
      2. Create a freestyle project
      3. Check `Promote builds when...` in the General section
      4. Set any name, icon, criteria
      5. Add action `Trigger parameterized build on other projects` and select an existing `Project to build`
      6. Save and run the project
      7. After the project is promoted, check the promotion logs under `Promotions Status -> log`
      8. See that nothing is logged about what job was triggered. It only logs `build hudson.plugins.parameterizedtrigger.BuildTrigger`

      Expected Behavior:
      A line in the promotion logs saying what jobs were triggered. Ideally, each job name would be a clickable link that takes you to the job page. Something like: `scheduling build for <JOB_NAME>`

      Actual Behavior:
      Downstream job is successfully triggered, but there is no mention of what job was triggered in the logs or UI. All that is printed to the logs is `build hudson.plugins.parameterizedtrigger.BuildTrigger`.

      The workaround I came up with is very manual and requires updates if the job name or URL changes:

      • Add a second Action on the promotion of type `Execute Shell`
      • Set the command to be something like `echo "Triggering downstream job: <JOB_NAME> <URL_TO_JOB>"`
      • This will then print the name and URL to the triggered job so the users can find it in the promotion logs for the upstream build




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