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Azure VM Plugin: 1: The storage account name already exists. Use a different name.


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    • Component/s: azure-vm-agents-plugin
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      Jenkins 2.138.1
      Azure VM Agents plugin : 0.7.3
      Jenkins server in a docker container on Ubuntu server, also hosted in MS Azure.

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      We were usingĀ  a Storage Account which had issue and we changed our configurationĀ Storage Account Name to use "Create New" this morning.

      It worked fine to start with but later when we changed the "Max Jenkins Agents Limit" from 10 to 50, there was no more agents coming up after first 10 and logs showed the following error:

      "The storage account name already exists. Use a different name. Nov 27, 2018 8:37:35 AM INFO com.microsoft.azure.vmagent.AzureVMCloud provision AzureVMCloud: provision: template sshfs has just verified failed"

      We changed the config and used "Storage Account Name" > "Use Existing" and chose one from the available lists.
      Click the "Verify Template"
      and see this error:
      "The following errors occurred while validating the template.
      1: The storage account name already exists. Use a different name."

      Is it trying to create the storage account ? while I am expecting it to just "use existing"
      We have three different cloud configs and I even created a new one, same issue with all.
      I can not say if this is new or we just started to face it, but for some time our autoscaling had been working all fine.

      It is worth mentioning that we made changes this morning since no VM was coming up and there were errors like:
      Failed to create storage account with account name ..
      Status code 429, {"error":{"code":"TooManyRequests","message":"The request is being throttled."}}


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