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Some NUnit test results show blank "Test name" attribute in web view


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      We have various NUnit tests that run in our project, that create .xml files for the results. Hudson has been able to use these quite well in the past, showcasing the results in web format - i.e. the list where you have the various test names, how long they took to run, and whether they passed or not.

      However, we recently uploaded a new project, which Hudson seems to have issues with - in looking at the results page, there is a list of all the tests - but the "Test name" fields are blank for all of them. They're ordered in the same order that they appear in the .xml report file, and the web page accurately shows whether they passed or not, as well as how long they took to run - but the test names simply aren't there.

      In comparing the new project with the old, there seems to be only one difference - the new ones get their test names using the NUnit "TestCaseSource" attribute. We're guessing that perhaps Hudson is unable to read the test name results for these, due to them having 4 levels of hierarchy, rather than 3 as our other ones do.

      Is there any other information you would need to have to help diagnose this? Let me know in some fashion, and I'll do what I can to get the information for you. I can also attach a screen shot, if a visual aid would help.


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