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HockeyApp Plugin "unexpected response code from HockeyApp: 400"


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      I am currently using Hockey App Plugin to upload iOS .ipa files to Hockey app. Right now i'm facing an issue with API Token. Last day my Hockeyapp plugin has been removed from Jenkins , so today i have installed it again , before installing i have seen warning under the plugin says 

      Version 1.5.0 (1st May 2019)
      • JENKINS-57005 Favour Secret tokens over String tokens (#60 )
        • Note: Versions prior to 1.5.0 store tokens in plain text. You should consider these compromised and reconfigure you existing jobs.

      After installing the HockeyApp Plugin, i had run my jobs and it's throwing me "No API Token" error in Jenkins. Below are the detail error in jenkins

      Got unexpected response code from HockeyApp: 400
      {"errors":{"credentials":["no api token"]}}

      What might be the issue? Do i need to add the Token in the Jenkins existing jobs?  


      Note: I have Hockey-app configuration AppKey and AppID in my project plist file. My Jenkins pipeline reads the HockeyApp configuration from the plist.




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