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When running a build in a Windows agent we get an FRM-92120 error


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      • maven-plugin:3.1.2 'Maven Integration plugin'

      The error reported was that the maven job fails (simple mvn clean test) with an applet error coming from Forms server.

      FRM-92120 - https://community.oracle.com/thread/170365

      The job is being built in an agent which is running in a windows machine. The agent process has been launched from an interactive session using an administrator command prompt.

      When you run the same command out of the agent process, directly from the windows agent workspace, the job is successfully built.

      When you run the `mvn clean test` command from a shell step in that agent, the job is built successfully.

      There are no traces of any other errors in the agent logs, or in the event logs for Application, System or Security at Windows level.

      Any further debugging steps would be appreciated.

      The valid workaround at this point is not using the plugin, but I would like to understand why.





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