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      Bad practice

      Main.readStringNonBlocking(InputStream, int) ignores result of[]) 
            ignores results of
            This method ignores the return value of one of the variants of 
            which can return multiple bytes.  If the return value is not checked, 
            the caller will not be able to correctly handle the case where fewer 
            bytes were read than the caller requested.  This is a particularly 
            insidious kind of bug, because in many programs, reads from input 
            streams usually do read the full amount of data requested, causing the 
            program to fail only sporadically.
            Bug kind and pattern: RR - RR_NOT_CHECKED

      Dodgy code

      At[line 15]
      In method MainTest.should HaveNoStandardDependenciesFile()
      Local variable named versions
            store to local variable
            This instruction assigns a value to a local variable, but the value is 
            not read or used in any subsequent instruction. Often, this indicates an 
            error, because the value computed is never used.
            Note that Sun's javac compiler often generates dead stores for final 
            local variables. Because SpotBugs is a bytecode-based tool, there is no 
            easy way to eliminate these false positives.
            Bug kind and pattern: DLS - DLS_DEAD_LOCAL_STORE 


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