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support-core doesn't take into account %t on GC logs


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      When you specify %t in the log file for garbage collection:
      Xloggc:$path/gc%t.log: specifies where the verbose GC data is written to. The %t in the gc log file path will cause the JVM to generate a new file with each JVM restart with a timestamp.
      From: https://go.cloudbees.com/docs/solutions/jvm-troubleshooting/

      The support-core plugin cannot find the log file used for that, so it doesn't include the file in the bundle. It throws the warning:

      Jun 24, 2019 3:42:25 PM com.cloudbees.jenkins.support.impl.GCLogs addContents
      WARNING: [Support Bundle] GC Logging apparently configured, but file '/JENKINS HOME PATH/gc-%t.log' not found

      The reason is that the code looks for the exact file name, but it should be a pattern:


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