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Active Choices Reactive Parameter Groovy script returning String instead of List


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      I have an Active Choices parameter defined: It is an Active Choices Reactive parameter, where I am simply returning a list of character strings via the Groovy script (i.e: return ['example1','example2']) that will be used to create some check boxes. I notice from the documentation that the way I have formatted this should return a List. I have also verified that this does return a List in a Groovy web console.

      Now, the problem occurs when I attempt to index the List later on in my Jenkinsfile. If my List contained ["example1","example2"], then list[0] would return "e" instead of "example1". It looked like my List was actually a String instead. I debugged the parameter and found that it actually was a String type.

      I am wondering why my parameter is being returned as a String instead of a List, as it appears that the way I have set it up should return a List, which I should then be able to index.





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