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After test case failed, on console logs continuously test suites status is getting displayed and execution is still preceding.


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      1. Katalon Studio's plugin must be installed.
                2. In Katalon studio test suite must be created with few test cases (which should fail).


              When user adds build step as Execute katalon test suite and specify the local katalon directory and enter the command to execute the test suite and execute the job, then after failing test cases continuously test cases status is getting display on console logs.

      Whenever user executes any job from which includes katalon test suite executions step by option windows batch command/ katalon test suite execution, then after test suite execution and specified actions build should get stop and status should get reflected.

      1. Login to Jenkins.
      2. Create a freestyle job.
      3. Select configure option of the created job.
      4. Add build step as Execute katalon studio test.
      5. Enter path of the katalon.exe directory to into " Use pre-installed Katalon Studio. " field.
      6. Enter katalon command as : " -projectPath="path_of_the_katalon_project\test.prj" -reportFolder="Reports" -reportFileName="Automationexecution" -retry=0 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/Test_Suite_01" -executionProfile="default" -browserType="Web Service"
      7. Click on Save button.
      8. Click on Build now option.
      9. Select the console log of the job execution.
      10. Observe the issue: After test case failed, on console logs continuously test suites status is getting displayed. Job execution won't stop until you forcefully stop the job execution.

      Note :
      1. After executing the same katalon test suite command with build step as windows batch command, then respective job executes properly and reflect status. 




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