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Blocked classpaths are not shown on script approvals page


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      Groovy classpaths for Extended Choice Parameter for `Groovy Script` are blocked with message `You have unapproved groovy scripts that need approval before they can be executed. Go to In-Process Script Approval page to approve your scripts.`, which is expected. But on the script approval page it says `No pending classpath entry approvals.`.

      For `Groovy Script File` it kind of works, I can approve or deny a classpath entries, but if multiple classpaths are defined and approved for a parameter, the parameter script doesn't see them. E. g. there are `src` and `resources` folders and class `src/io/domain/Config.groovy` which loads `resources/io/domain/config.yml`. When I only add `src` to the classpath it complains that it can't find `io/domain/config.yml` file, which is expected, but when both `src` and `resources` are added to the classpath (and both are approved), then the same script fails with `unable to resolve class io.domain.Config` exception, which is a bummer.

      These are probably two different classpath issues, please let me know if you need a separate ticket for the latter.


      Jenkins version: 2.190.3

      Extended Choice Parameter plugin version: 0.78




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