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Add doc details re behavior of choosing strategy Gerrit trigger


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      Request a minor doc extension to explain the advanced choosing strategy "Gerrit Trigger" in the git plugin. Please confirm that I understand.  I see two behaviors here:

      1. In a gerrit verify scenario - build before merge to target branch - this checks out the submitted change set which is in a branch like refs/changes/65/6365/1.
      2. In a gerrit merge scenario - build after merge to target branch - this checks out the target branch exactly at the point where the merge happened, NOT the current head/tip of the target branch.

      If I got that right, and didn't miss anything, I'll be glad to write up & submit a PR to:


      Thanks in advance

      Here's the section I'd like to extend, this is the only mention of "Choosing Strategy" I could find:

      To get the Git Plugin to download your change; set Refspec to $GERRIT_REFSPEC and the Choosing strategy to Gerrit Trigger.
       This may be under ''Additional Behaviours/Strategy For Choosing What To
       Build' rather than directly visible as depicted in the screenshot. You 
      may also need to set 'Branches to build' to $GERRIT_BRANCH. If this does not work for you set Refspec to refs/changes/:refs/changes/* and 'Branches to build' to *$GERRIT_REFSPEC.



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