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Logger suggestions don't show all results as you type


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      When I type "bitbucket" into the Logger field when adding a Logger at at Jenkins-->log–><Log Recorder Name>, the suggestions made are only com.atlassian.bitbucket., ommitting com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket.. If I instead type "com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket" I do get the suggestions showing all of com.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.bitbucket.*. 

      I expect the suggestions to show all of the bitbucket hits in a scrollable list. This feature is used normally by people not familiar with all of the available loggers, to inspect which are available. It should not omit available loggers. I suspect the problem is that the implementation just shows the first N hits, alphabetically sorted. In my case N = 10, and this would explain why com.atlassian.* are shown and not com.cloudbees.*. 

      If this is not the intended behavior, this is indeed a bug, but I will leave it to the moderator to reclassify as a feature request if that's more appropriate. Thanks for your consideration.



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