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Delete archived artifacts of past builds, except promoted ones


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      At the moment, it is only possible to archive artifacts for all builds, to just keep the artifacts of the last build or to customize how long to keep artifacts, but without considering the builds' state (a state marks the quality of the build, a state is not a metric for ordering like "number of builds" or "days").

      Issue: the granularity is not sufficient. Keeping all artifacts can be too much especially if your artifacts are big. Only keeping the last artifacts is too little, if you are interested in more builds than just the last ones and if you are interested in an advanced selection of what artifacts to keep.

      A feature would be very helpful to keep more builds, builds which are signed to be kept. A candidate would be a mixture with respectively a new feature of the "promotion plugin".

      Possible solution: in the Post-build actions configuring "Archive the artifacts", if checked, add another configuration/checkbox "Delete all builds not promoted so far" in combination with a button on the UI "Delete all artifacts of past builds that are not promoted until now". The delete button is only visible if the checkbox was checked during configuration.

      Possible solution light: just add the delete artifacts button as soon as artifacts are archived and the promotion plugin is in place.


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