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Mercurial Polling does not work for 'modules'


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      Hudson ver. 1.351
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      I am using the "Modules" feature of the Mercurial SCM plugin. Unfortunately, this feature does not work as expected.

      After starting Hudson, a build will be triggered as soon as a file in the specified module was changed. After a change to a file outside this module, the plugin does not trigger a build as expected ("No changes").

      However, although there is a change to a file within the module afterward, the plugin does not detect any change ("No changes"). Though, the "Last Mercurial Polling Log" shows these changed files; there are lines starting with "files:<MODULE>/..."

      Restarting Hudson or reloading its configuration does work as a work-around: the next poll will trigger a build - until there is a change outside the module again.


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