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Plugin generates invalid config spec rule for rootless components.



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      We are using v1.5.1 of your plugin and 1.1.1 of the ClearCase plugin. It works nicely except for one little glitch that unfortunately makes it unusable here... It is caused by the way the plugin handles rootless components. The config specs generated by the plugin adds an invalid rule in the config specs for rootless components. This breaks the config specs and stops the process right there. The plugin should ignore rootless components when composing the config specs rules. In the sample below, the VSP4 component is rootless. Here is what I get:

      Started by user <user>
      Building remotely on <slave>
      [mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lscomp -fmt %[root_dir]p VSP4@\vsp4pvob
      [mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lsbl -fmt %[depends_on_closure]p VSP4_MG20.\vsp4pvob
      VSP4TOOLS_UCM_IMPORT_VSP4TOOLS_IMPORT@\vsp4pvob VSP4API_MG20.3_API_5.3.6@\vsp4pvob VSP4SOURCE_MG20.\vsp4pvob[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lsbl -fmt %[component]p VSP4_MG20.\vsp4pvob
      VSP4[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lsbl -fmt %[component]p VSP4TOOLS_UCM_IMPORT_VSP4TOOLS_IMPORT@\vsp4pvob
      VSP4TOOLS[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lscomp -fmt %[root_dir]p VSP4TOOLS@\vsp4pvob
      \vsp4tools[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lsbl -fmt %[component]p VSP4API_MG20.3_API_5.3.6@\vsp4pvob
      VSP4API[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lscomp -fmt %[root_dir]p VSP4API@\vsp4pvob
      \vsp4api[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lsbl -fmt %[component]p VSP4SOURCE_MG20.\vsp4pvob
      VSP4SOURCE[mg20.4-ucm] $ cleartool lscomp -fmt %[root_dir]p VSP4SOURCE@\vsp4pvob
      \vsp4sourceThe view will be created based on the following config spec:
      — config spec start —
      element * CHECKEDOUT
      element "\..." VSP4_MG20. -nocheckout
      element "\vsp4tools\..." VSP4TOOLS_UCM_IMPORT_VSP4TOOLS_IMPORT -nocheckout
      element "\vsp4api\..." VSP4API_MG20.3_API_5.3.6 -nocheckout
      element "\vsp4source\..." VSP4SOURCE_MG20. -nocheckout
      element * /main/0 -ucm -nocheckout
      load \vsp4source\dsp
      load \vsp4source\dsp
      — config spec end —
      [mg20.4-ucm__mgdsp-vista-1] $ cleartool setcs -tag mg20.4-ucm__mgdsp-vista-1 ..\configspec521091634415078695.txt
      cleartool: Error: No registered VOB tag in path: "/...".
      cleartool: Error: Config spec semantic processing failed.
      cleartool: Error: Unable to change configuration specification: error in configuration specification.

      Please note also that the load rules specified in Restrict Folders To are duplicated.




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