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1.357 broke the findbugs and warnings plugin output - no longer displays the detailed content in the sections / tabs


    • Type: Bug
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      Debian testing distribution hosting Hudson as delivered by hudson-labs.org
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      I've just upgraded to Hudson 1.357 and the latest versions of the plugins I use (including findbugs , warnings, static analysis utilities) on my Debian machine.

      When I navigate to the findbugs warnings ( or the compiler warnings (, the Warnings Trend, Summary, and Details sections appear on the page. When I attempt to select one of the tabs in the Details section (like "New" or "Types" or "Files"), the usual output table does not appear below the tabs.

      I see the same behavior on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

      I see the same behavior on multiple jobs (not specific to a single job).

      I did not see those problems with 1.356, only when I upgraded to 1.357. Ulrich Haffner suggests on the mailing list that it was probably a change between 1.356 and 1.357.

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