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Perforce plugin: Continuous jobs when using new View Mask feature.


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      My view is:

      My View Mask is:

      I've checked "Use mask when syncing".

      I'm polling once per minute. Every minute the job trips again.

      Actually, when I unchecked both polling options for the mask, the job stopped getting tripped. But when I checked "Use mask when polling" the job started running again every minute without my even checking anything in. The file I had checked in originally should not even have been in the mask for polling the second time around. So I'm pretty stumped what might be causing this behavior.

      I've tried this a few different times now. It seems that, if either checkbox is checked the job runs every minute whether I check anything in or not. If the masking options is unchecked the job seems to be launched only when something gets checked in.

      Here is the polling log:
      Started on May 19, 2010 6:24:28 PM
      Looking for changes...
      Using master perforce client: testPerforcePlugin
      [workspace] $ p4 workspace -o testPerforcePlugin
      Saving modified client testPerforcePlugin
      [workspace] $ p4 -s client -i
      Last sync'd change was 370843
      [workspace] $ p4 counter change
      [workspace] $ p4 -s changes //depot/IT_Engineering/experimental/user/cpatrick/ami/...@370843,@370859
      Triggering a build.
      Done. Took 0.31 sec
      Changes found




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