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Emulator interactions when building with configuration grid


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      RHEL 5
      Tomcat 6.0.29
      Hudson 1.374
      ADK tools rev. 6
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      There seem to be interactions between emulators when building on a configuration grid. I have a trivial Android app that I have been using to figure out various build issues, including using Hudson and the Android Plugin.

      I'm sorry that I don't have a completely repeatable sequence that might help in pin-pointing the behavior, but here is the configuration:

      I'm using Hudson's multi-build with two configuration axes: ADK_VER (1.5, 2.1) and SCREEN_RES (HVGA). I have the Android plugin running an emulator with the "Run emulator with properties" option.

      Android OS Version: ${ADK_VER}
      Screen density: 160
      Screen resolution: ${SCREEN_RES}
      Device locale: en_US
      SD card size:


      Reset emulator state at startup:

      Show emulator window: {unchecked}

      I'm getting fairly regular failures on one of the two builds that result (and more often the second). However, the failure is seldom exactly the same. One time, the build will be unable to connect to the emulator at the beginning and timeout. Another time, one of the builds will be unable to install the apk because it cannot communicate with the target emulator (toward the end of the build and after it had already established a connection with it for an earlier step).

      The problems don't seem to occur when the "Run each configuration sequentially" setting is checked.



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