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Want Text Finder to be able to ignore missing files


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      I configure the Text-finder plugin to search a specific filename.

      If the file does not exist, the following message is written to the log:

      Hudson Text Finder: File set 'post_build_status_marker.txt' is empty

      and the build is marked as unstable (I have "Unstable if found" checked, otherwise I presume the build would be marked as fail).

      I think this behavior is wrong. If there are no files to search, then the regular expression is simply not matched.

      I would suggest the following possible solutions (in descending order of preference):
      (1) change the behavior so that if no files match the file list, this is not an error
      OR (2) provide a checkbox so that the user can say whether or not "no matching files" is an error
      OR (3) at a minimum, update the documentation (and help text on the configure page) to specify the existing behavior



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