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Make the BuildNumber that artifacts were copied from available to later build steps.


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      When copying artifacts from another job, the build selector can be set to things like "Latest Stable Build".

      I have a couple of places where, having copied in artifact, I'd like to know which build number they came from.

      Admittedly this can be retrived by going to "http://YOURJENKINS/job/JOBNAME/X/buildNumber" where X is "lastBuild", "lastSuccessfulBuild", "lastStableBuild" and so on. However, there is a chance that this will return a different build number is the copy happened just before a build completed.

      I'd like to see this plugin store the build number used e.g. into an environment variable that can be then be access by later build step. The environment variable name would have to be configurable to cope with cases there a build combines artifacts from two different upstream builds.



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