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Two upstream builds trigger the same downstream build: Only the second upstream build's change list is made available.


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      Developer A checks in a change that causes a test failure.

      Upstream build 11 (compile) builds, successful.

      Developer B checks in some good change.

      Upstream build 12 (compile) builds, successful.

      Only now the downstream build (test) starts, build 4, triggered by compile 11 AND compile 12. It fails.

      We have configured "Send separate e-mails to individuals who broke the build".

      Expected result: Both A and B get a mail.
      Result seen: Only B gets a mail.
      Later addition: We had this happen again, and A did get a mail also. ?
      Still later addition: Most the time, A does not get the mail.

      Expected result: The "test failed" mail mentions both the changes from A and those of B.
      Result seen: Only the change of B is mentioned.

      Now checking the test changes of test 4 via the web GUI.
      Expected result: We see the changes from compile 11 and compile 12.
      Result seen: We seen the changes from compile 12 only.



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