subversion SCM

Issues: Unresolved

  • Improvement JENKINS-7509 Due Date: 19/Sep/10 need get svn info from upstream job to downstream job
  • Bug JENKINS-9357 Due Date: 21/Apr/11 subversion plugin failed project
  • Bug JENKINS-12474 Due Date: 20/Jan/12 Subversion rejected Basic challenge

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug JENKINS-21785 Yesterday 6:16 PM Check for changes in folders linked via svn:externals fails due to missing credentials
  • Bug JENKINS-22742 Yesterday 7:27 AM SubversionSCMUnitTest.testLocalDirectoryIsExpandedWithEnvVars failed on Windows
  • Bug JENKINS-22167 Updated: Last Wednesday 9:41 AM subversion checkout failure

Versions: Unreleased