dashboard-view plugin

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug JENKINS-20695 Dashboard view not displayed after upgrading to Jenkins 1.538
  • New Feature JENKINS-6050 Add a "dashboard" extension point for the job page
  • Improvement JENKINS-6214 Provide the current width of a portlet as a variable to a plug-in that provides a portlet

Issues: Updated recently

  • Improvement JENKINS-22563 Last Thursday 10:17 AM Option to show status of individual matrix children
  • Bug JENKINS-22548 09/Apr/14 scheduling a build in dashboard-views job-grid returns a blank page
  • Bug JENKINS-22522 08/Apr/14 Class def not found in Test Statistics Grid (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: hudson.maven.reporters.SurefireAggregatedReport)

Versions: Unreleased