copyartifact plugin

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug JENKINS-12618 Due Date: 01/Feb/12 Copy Artifact plugin - Access is denied to copy content
  • Improvement JENKINS-18662 Due Date: 15/Jul/13 Add a exclude file(s) field to CopyArtifact plugin
  • Bug JENKINS-17702 CopyArtifact with parameter selection fails when parameters changed

Issues: Updated recently

  • New Feature JENKINS-22637 15/Apr/14 Cannot use "Copy Artifacts Plugin" in conjuction with the "Compress Artifacts Plugin", archive not found.
  • Bug JENKINS-22590 14/Apr/14 Promotion permalinks not offered when job name is parameterized
  • Bug JENKINS-19007 14/Apr/14 copy artifacts via permalink for promoted builds shows wrong link

Versions: Unreleased