maven plugin

Issues: Unresolved

  • Bug JENKINS-14534 Due Date: 30/Jul/12 After jenkins upgrade from 1.464 to 1.474, while executing a job..its recreating the Ant/Maven installation tools again.
  • Bug JENKINS-15797 Due Date: 11/Nov/12 Upgradefrom 1.424 to 1.489 : API incompatibility AbstractHttpClientWagon.getReadTimeout()
  • Bug JENKINS-17796 Due Date: 30/Apr/13 Maven 2/3 _-Project Job Unable to commit files svn: E155004

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug JENKINS-22622 Yesterday 12:16 PM Maven incremental build is too eager
  • Bug JENKINS-22673 Last Friday 11:49 AM Sites for nested Maven multi-module projects deeper than one level are archived flat
  • Bug JENKINS-20725 Last Thursday 8:21 PM maven build creates symlinkd files that Windows OS does not understand

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