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Add more 'best practices' details about credentials handling + external credentials providers to the Jenkins User Documentation


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      We need to ensure that the following best practices list has been captured in the Jenkins User Documentation pages:

      The best practices for managing credentials in relation to Pipeline are largely the same as for Jenkins in general:

      • Scope credentials appropriately - Use system credentials for secrets that are only used in the context of the Jenkins instance configuration (not by any specific Users, Folders, Jobs, or Pipelines). See attached 'system-scope.png' image. Don't confuse this with the System categorization for credentials, which are described here and relates to the System Credentials Provider - or global domain.
      • Use Domains to further limit the contexts in which credentials can be used. For more info, see:
      • (optional) Add credentials to specific Users, Folders, Jobs, or Pipelines that will need or use them and then use Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy to restrict access to those items as appropriate.
        • Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy is required for non-Pipeline-related items - e.g. folder and freestyle projects.
        • There is no difference with respect to configuring permission through Project-based Matrix Authorization Strategy or just Matrix Authorization Strategy for Pipeline projects.
      • Use meaningful Credential Id strings to make Jobs and Pipelines more readable and maintainable
      • (Non-Pipeline items like freestyle jobs or folders) Only expose/use credentials that are needed by that item - do not add credentials to an item that doesn't use them.
      • (Pipeline) Expose credentials only to stages or steps that need them - use "env { credentials () }" on individual stages instead of whole Pipelines. When using "withCredentials", wrap a few steps as possible.

      Also, scour the content on https://github.com/jenkinsci/credentials-plugin/blob/master/docs/user.adoc (which has information about external credential providers) and migrate any existing relevant content on this page to the appropriate areas of the User Handbook in the Jenkins User Documentation.



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