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  • Bug JENKINS-5675 Due Date: 17/Feb/10 cleartool lshistory problems with ignored load rules
  • Task JENKINS-5611 Due Date: 24/Feb/10 jboss plugin: Release version 1.1.0
  • Improvement JENKINS-5790 Due Date: 01/Mar/10 Parameterize Tomcat Context Path and URL Fields

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  • Bug JENKINS-22694 Today 3:07 PM Java authentication dialog pop-up appears from JNLP slave if bitbucket username/password attempted
  • Bug JENKINS-6856 Today 1:14 PM Git builds with detached head no matter what
  • Bug JENKINS-19246 Today 12:59 PM Configure Project loading overloay not hiding error "invalid gitTool selection Default"

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