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Upstream build points to wrong revision if there is more than one revision triggered the job


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      I'm having a setup with two matrix job: an upstream job, which compiles my binaries and a downstream job, which executes the test suite using the binaries from the upstream job.
      The test job is much slower than the build job obviously.
      I noticed the following scenarion:
      In my upstream job I got two commit with only a small timegap, so the two build job was queued after each other, and after that, I got one test job queued, having by triggered both upstream job:
      Started by upstream project php-src-trunk-matrix-build build number 87

      Started by upstream project php-src-trunk-matrix-build build number 88

      when the downstream build started, the copy artifact plugin copied the artifacts from the upstream build #87, not from #88, but the same SCM(subversion btw.) version was used as in upstream #88 which means that it run a different version of the binary and the testsuite, hence my testsuite failed.

      Is there a chance that copyartifact could watch out for multiple triggers and use the latest build version number?


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