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Perforce plugin doesn't handle matrix axes names that contain a space


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      Hi there,

      I'm using the Perforce plugin and I have got a matrix job called BuildJob1. In the Perforce plugin setup I've set "Client name format for slaves" to $





      My User-defined axes for the matrix build are:

      CONFIG: Debug Release
      PLATFORM: "Any CPU" - note how I'm using quotes to handle the space.

      When BuildJob1 is triggered I get this:

      Using remote perforce client: BuildJob1_AssetGather-CONFIG-Debug-PLATFORM-Any CPU-PhyreBuild2

      Saving new client BuildJob1_AssetGather-CONFIG-Debug-PLATFORM-Any CPU-PhyreBuild2
      14:01:42 [Any CPU] $ "C:
      Program Files\\Perforce
      p4.exe" -s client -i
      14:01:42 Caught exception communicating with perforce. Error in client specification. Error detected at line 1. Wrong number of words for field 'Client'.
      14:01:42 For Command: C:
      Program Files\\Perforce
      p4.exe -s client -i
      14:01:42 With Data:
      14:01:42 ===================
      14:01:42 Client: BuildJob1_AssetGather-CONFIG-Debug-PLATFORM-Any CPU-PhyreBuild2
      14:01:42 Owner: jenkinsci
      14:01:42 Description: Created by jenkinsci.
      14:01:42 Root: c:\JCI\workspace\AssetGather\CONFIG\Debug\PLATFORM\Any CPU
      14:01:42 Options: noallwrite clobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime rmdir
      14:01:42 SubmitOptions: submitunchanged
      14:01:42 LineEnd: local
      14:01:42 View:

      As you can see the spaces are causing the problem. Creating a Perforce client spec with a space in the name is not valid.

      The Perforce plugin should be updated to replace the spaces in a client spec name with an underscore or hyphen or something. Could this be done please?

      I'm currently using Peforce plugin version 1.3.4





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