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Give the option to pass either the last changed rev or the current latest rev when triggering downstream builds.


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      We are using the parameterized trigger build to kick off child builds that use the Template Project Plugin to use the same SCM configuration as the parent build.

      If the SVN revision is not passed as a parameter via parameterized-trigger the child build checks out whatever the latest revision is, even if it's newer than the parent's revision.

      If the SVN revision is passed then each child subtree is updated to the latest revision it was changed in instead of the version the parent checked out.

      Our builds include the SVN revision as part of their version and this makes the child build revision numbers not match the parent build revision, even though they are functionally the same. It would be nice to have an option to choose to pass either the revision of the last change for each checked out tree, to use the same revision as the parent build, or just always pass the revision of the parent build instead of the last changed revision.




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