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Cobertura configuration inconsistent when using CVS


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      I was having a problem with the cobertura plugin in Hudson so I did some digging
      through the code. I found that when using CVS the search path is relative to the
      first module. Issue 916 discusses this, but it looks like the implemented hack
      only supports subversion and not CVS:

      197 if (project.getScm() instanceof SubversionSCM)

      { 198 // hack of the first kind 199 SubversionSCM scm = SubversionSCM.class.cast(project.getScm()); 200 multipleModuleRoots = scm.getLocations().length > 1; 201 }


      { 202 multipleModuleRoots = false; 203 }

      I could work around this if the includes supported '..', but as issue 916 points
      out, that doesn't work either. So I've worked around it by copying the
      coverage.xml file to the first module in my Job config, but others may have the
      same problem.

      The SCM interface now supports getting the root module, but that returns the
      first module in the CVS implementation. The documentation on the Cobertura
      plugin describes how SVN works with multiple modules, but it isn't clear about
      CVS (which also supports multiple modules).

      Maybe the right solution would be to apply the search path to each module
      defined in order until a match is found or if there are multiple modules
      (regardless of the SCM used), switch to using the workspace as the root.




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