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Pushing a fast-forward merge does not trigger a build


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      I have a single job configured to build all branches of a git repo and poll for changes, and I have been experiencing a bug with build triggering.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a new repo locally and run these in the repo:
        touch somefile.txt
        git commit -m "Add a file" somefile.txt
      2. Create a new repo on github
      3. Create a Jenkins job with this configuration:
        • Set 'Repository URL' to the new github repo
        • Set 'Branches to build' to '**'
        • Check 'Prune remote branches before build', 'Skip internal tag', 'Clean after checkout', 'Recursively update submodules', 'Wipe out workspace before build'
        • Check 'Poll SCM'
        • Set 'Schedule' to '* * * * *'
        • Add the following shell script as a build step:
          echo $GIT_BRANCH
      4. Push the master branch of your local repo to github
      5. Wait for Jenkins build (build #1)
      6. Run these in your local repo:
        git checkout -b feature master
        echo stuff > somefile.txt
        git commit -m "Some changes" somefile.txt
        git push origin feature
      7. Wait for Jenkins build (build #2)
      8. Run these in your local repo:
        git checkout master
        git merge feature
        git push origin master

      What happens

      After step 5, build #1 prints 'origin/master'. After step 7, build #2 prints 'origin/feature'. After step 8, nothing happens in Jenkins.

      What should happen

      Builds #1 and #2 are fine. There should be a build #3 after step 8 which prints 'origin/master'.




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