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Automatic workspace cleanup issues after upgrade to 0.13


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      After upgrading the ws-cleanup plugin to 0.13 all my test projects are not cleaning up their workspaces anymore. There was no special flag set, just the default Cleanup workspace as a post build action. This led to a full hard disk over the weekend on our Jenkins server.:-/

      OK, now I can see that there are some new flags added which I can use to actively set when the workspace should be cleaned. But this is very tedious to set if you had configured the cleanup-ws plugin for more than 50 projects and if you are now forced to edit all these projects by hand. I would suggest these flags to be true per default.

      The next thing: when I tick all fields for "Clean when status is" in my browser's job configuration window and save the job config, the configuration is written into the XML of the job, but when reconfiguring the job I do not see these ticks?!? Running the job deletes the workspace now successfully.

      So my complaints are:

      • I would like to have true as a default for all the "Clean when status is" ticks like it was before
      • Viewing the configuration seems to be broken although the job config XML file is ok




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