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Possibility to trigger a job with all available parameters


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      I have a job with choice parameter to specify an ant target (target=test or target=productive or target=release). Based on this target the job checks out the project into a specific directory and calls this target.

      Now I want to use parametrized-trigger-plugin to trigger the job 3 times with all 3 parameters. This is possible but the I have to add the trigger-instruction 3 times (see screen_settings.png for sample job settings) and I don't see the parameters in the overview-page (see screen_job.png). I think this could be improved. It would be nice if there was the possibility to set multiple values for one predefined parameter key, or (even better) if it was possible to specify that all available values for a paramter should be triggered.

      The problem right now is that I would have to maintain two jobs: The job that has the parameters for different ant targets and also the Build-All-Job (if the targets/parameters change). Maybe there's already another plugin that does this or I'm doing something wrong?

      Thanks for help in advance.




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