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Multiple Test Reports Graphs and Links in Job Page


    • Type: Bug
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    • Component/s: junit-plugin, xunit-plugin
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    • Environment:
      Jenkins version 1.594
      JUnit Plugin Version - 1.3
      xUnit Plugin Version - 1.92
      All the above are latest at the time of posting this issue.
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      I've upgraded Jenkins from 1.575 to 1.594. After updating, then I open the job page, I see 2 graphs and links for the test reports. Though test reports are correct and available, there are 2 instance of it pointing to the same URLs.

      I use xUnit plugin to publish my JUnit reports as I needed a way to change the build status based on the test PASS/FAIL count that I wanted which I was not able to do in JUnit plugin.

      Also, all the builds are not shown in the graphs. In the reference image attached, I've been using both Cobertura and xUnit for all the builds, but test graph starts only from build #322 while it should've started from build #291 as in the Cobertura graph.

      I've attached the screen shot of the job page and config page for reference.

      And the config.xml has the following content under the publishers tag

      <xunit plugin="xunit@1.90"></>
      <hudson.plugins.cobertura.CoberturaPublisher plugin="cobertura@1.9.5"></>

      Removed tag contents for brevity.


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