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CVS rlog should only be done if module has changed


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      jenkins/1.639; cvs/2.12 solaris/x86
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      The rlog command for my modules is very slow (using pserver). I notice that rlog is done even after the module has done the 'cvs update' equivalent but no files have changed.

      If no files have changed, then the rlog won't return anything - so why not skip it? Or at least provide a flag to do that behavior?

      100+ project build, if 1 module at end of build tree is changed, 99% of the elapsed time is spent doing the 'cvs rlog' and < 1% of the time is spent building the project.

      Here is a timestamped log example of one of my smaller modules. 3s to do the update, which shows no changes. 14s to do the rlog which won't return anything new:

      17:14:30 cvs update -C -d -r defect_07762_b share
      17:14:33 Using locally configured password for connection to :pserver:XXX@cvs:/XXX/cvsroot
      17:14:33 cvs rlog -S -d09 Dec 2015 16:55:22 -0500<09 Dec 2015 17:14:30 -0500 acmp
      17:14:47 [src] $ /bin/sh -xe /var/tmp/hudson3238404294162847369.sh


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