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Build artifact download links don't work as expected


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      Build artifact download links don't work as expected

      Build artifact download links only work if:

      1. The Jenkins slave and Jenkins server machines understand the particular build artifact network publish path
      2. The download link is able to re-direct the download request through the Jenkins server itself. This is expensive on a high-traffic Jenkins server and adds unnecessary load.

      Could the build artifact deployer plug-in please be updated so that the download link is Jenkins server and Jenkins slave machine-agnostic and so the download link doesn't necessarily redirect the download request through the Jenkins server itself?

      Ideally, I'd like to be able to use the ArtifactDeployer plug-in so that if the Jenkins server is on a Linux machine and the slaves are a combination of Windows, MAC and Linux machines and the client machine attempting to download the build artifacts is, say, a Windows machine, that the download link to obtain the build artifacts (e.g. <\\<machineName>\<shareName>\<filename>) just 'works' 100% of the time and downloads the requested file.

      Note that we've seen issues where if the link does currently 'work' it's a hyperlink to a Windows filer that only works in Internet Explorer, not Google Chrome. If there's a way to fix the hyperlink so that it works in Google Chrome as well, it would be much appreciated!

      If you require more detailed information or have questions about this request, please let me know.

      Thanks in advance for considering the request!



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