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Test Results Analyzer loading bar doesn't go away in IE11


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      In Internet Explorer 11 the loading bar at the top of the Test Results page never goes away, it just keeps animating. Everything else on the page (reports, search, etc) are all functional.

      I also tried it in Explorer's Compatibility Mode but it made no improvement.

      If I open Explorer's developer tools, it will catch an exception during the load of the test analyzer page (not other pages). The exception is "Object doesn't support this action". Here's the call stack. I can't be sure that this is related to the bar not going away, it could be a red herring

      Ajax.Request.prototype.dispatchException [Line: 2945, Col: 5], hudson-behavior.js
      respondToReadyState [Line: 1659, Col: 9], prototype.js
      onStateChange [Line: 1600, Col: 7], prototype.js
      Anonymous function [Line: 414, Col: 7], prototype.js
      request [Line: 1585, Col: 7], prototype.js
      initialize [Line: 1550, Col: 5], prototype.js
      Anonymous function [Line: 452, Col: 7], prototype.js
      klass [Line: 101, Col: 7], prototype.js
      proxy[methodName] [Line: 1, Col: 1], bind.js
      populateTemplate [Line: 1, Col: 1], testresult.js
      Anonymous function [Line: 128, Col: 3], test_results_analyzer
      [Library code]
      in Hudson



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