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1.321 debian package startup script broken (patch included)


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      The recent work to improve "the debian package to set USER and HOME" as
      mentioned in the changelog broke hudson.

      All of the bugs below will be fixed if the /etc/init.d/hudson script no longer
      tries to "reinvent the wheel" by setting the HOME and USER variables itself, and
      instead delegates that responsibility to a working standard command such as /bin/su.

      Firstly, the /etc/init.d/hudson script uses the wrong syntax. It reads "export
      HOME=~$(HUDSON_USER)" but the round braces syntax means it tries to execute a
      command called "HUDSON_USER" instead of substituting the value of a variable
      called HUDSON_USER.

      However, fixing the syntax to read "export HOME=~$


      " is still
      broken. This is because the HOME environment variable is supposed to contain the
      already-expanded path of the home directory, i.e. "/home/hudson", and not a
      shell-style pattern such as "~hudson". For example, in our installation we have
      problems because Bazaar complains that it cannot find the file
      "~hudson/.bazaar.log" - it does not expand that path to
      "/home/hudson/.bazaar.log" because it expexts the value of $HOME to already have
      been expanded.

      However, all this still does not fully resolve the issues that motivated the
      work on HOME and USER in /etc/init.d/hudson. That is because there are other
      environment variables, such as LOGNAME and USERNAME, that are also still set
      wrong. In our installation, we have USER=hudson but LOGNAME=root and
      USERNAME=root, whereas LOGNAME and USERNAME should also be hudson.

      The following patch against 1.321 solves all the above issues for us:
      — /etc/init.d/hudson 2009-08-21 23:02:37.000000000 +0200
      +++ hudson 2009-08-25 09:34:13.000000000 +0200
      @@ -23,7 +23,9 @@

      DAEMON_ARGS="-name=$NAME --inherit --env=HUDSON_HOME=$HUDSON_HOME
      --output=$HUDSON_LOG --user=$HUDSON_USER --pidfile=$PIDFILE"
      +DAEMON_ARGS="--name=$NAME --inherit --env=HUDSON_HOME=$HUDSON_HOME
      --output=$HUDSON_LOG --pidfile=$PIDFILE"

      1. Exit if the package is not installed
        [ -x "$DAEMON" ] || exit 0
        @@ -61,10 +63,9 @@
      2. 2 if daemon could not be started
        $DAEMON $DAEMON_ARGS --running && return 1
      • # --user in daemon doesn't prepare these environment variables, so do so now
      • export HOME=~$(HUDSON_USER)
      • export USER=$HUDSON_USER
        return 2
        + # --user in daemon doesn't prepare environment variables like HOME, USER,
        + # so we let su do so for us now
        $HUDSON_WAR $HUDSON_ARGS" || return 2





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