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new item categories served without cache expiration


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      SInce the introduction of the revamped "new Item" page the list of items that can be populated via an XMLHttpRequest.

      However this is a bad thing to do as the list should not be considered static.

      OSS can add to the list if a plugin is installed.
      Third party extensions can contribute items (and even remove items from the list) dynamically.

      This causes a big issue with IE as by default IE legitimatley caches the responses of an XMLHttpRequest unless told otherwise.

      Workaround is to force a reload after cleaning the cache - but this is bad UX.

      NOTE: there are probably other places in jenkins core that handle XMLHttpRequest requests that are not adding correct cache control headers - this should probably be investigated too.

      Found with IE 11 on windows 10 but likely affects all versions of IE 11 and possibly (but untested Edge)

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Load the New Item page in your IE11 browser
      • Install a new plugin which provides a new Item type
      • Navigate to the new Item page again in your browser

      Observed Behavior:

      • You will not see the new item listed

      Expected Behavior:

      • The new item should show up in the list without a special action or refresh by the user




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