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Job parameters appear in multiple jobs


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      We discoverd that parameters of one Pipeline job affect the parameters of other jobs. This means that in a job you have multiple parameters with the same name. A part of the parameters is from the current job the rest is defined in another (independent) job. (Both jobs should run simultaneously (but independent from each other) on the same Repository/PullRequest)

      Is this normal? Can I configure that parameters are only valid for one specific Job.

      Example: Two jobs have the Parameter "BranchSpecifier". The Parameter in Job A is set to "develop" and in Job B to "master". What is happening is that both Jobs now have two times the Parameter "BranchSpecifier" – once with value 'develop' and once 'master'.
      --> This is valid for all Parameters of both jobs (in both directions)


      Note: Job B in this example was created by copying Job A.
      Also the mentioned parameter in the example is used in the Job config as specifier for the branch the job will use to check out the Pipeline scripts from our Pipeline repo. This way we can trigger the job using pipeline scripts  from another branch (for tests).

      The effect of this bug is that both jobs will check out  the same branch and nt the one specified in the parameter.


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